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Hi, welcome to my website. I have spent the last weekend in Perth, Australia, which is a very beautiful city. I’ve been surfing there a lot, and at nights meeting at the pub with my “mates”, this is how aussies calle each other (or “bro”). So the story is, pokies are crazy popular in Aussie. No not those pokies you are thinking about you perverts. Pokies is what my aussie mates call the slots. One of my favourite slots are Thunderstruck 2, Tomb Raider 2, Hitman and Twisted Circus. Twisted Circus is actually pretty cool, with very cool graphics and all. Anyways, as I was running around the last night trying to make it to the pub on time, my mate told me that he couldnt make it. I felt bad because I really wanted to meet and have fun playing. So he messaged me the address of a website (http://playonlinepokies.com.au) I can use to play online. The thing is, playing online is much better than playing at the pub or casinos. So with this in mind, and straight from my mobile, I signed up at a couple of online casinos, got some sweet bonuses, and played with free money. Very cool. Anyways, with this out of the way, let’s get down to business and keep talking about serious stuff about Microsoft.

The whole site is based on different Microsoft technologies. I worked as the head of Microsoft Live Lab and was the former head of research at the Web portal’s OSD (Overture Services Division) and head scientist at Yahoo! Research Lab before joining Microsoft. I completed my bachelor’s degree from University of Clemson in 1989 and PhD from the Maryland University. I become the head of NEC Research Institute of web data mining program and a research scientist there .livelab

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on 4 April, 1975. The partnership between Microsoft Research and MSN leads to a foundation of Microsoft Live Labs with the aim of applied research in the field of services and internet product of Microsoft. The main focus of the Live Lab was on the applied research and computer science practical applications which include machine learning, data mining, distributed computing, natural language processing, machine learning, and computational linguistics.

Microsoft Live Labs was designed on 24 January, 2006. Microsoft declared the shutdown of Live Labs and also the transition of its remaining 68 people to Microsoft Bing. As a result of which Microsoft Live Labs native founder and head Dr. Gray William Flake have resigned from Microsoft Company. After the Microsoft Live Lab shut down Photosynth had been released. After the shutdown of Microsoft live labs Pivot application is being hosted by Microsoft Research. The Silverlight control is still remains. Pivot is usually a software application from Live Labs that enables user to interact with and find a lot of data. Pivot is based on Microsoft’s Seadragon. This was Microsoft’s enthusiastic project. Pivot is a program which is based on the Seadragon technology.

A lot more specifically, it truly is “data visualization technologies called Pivot, meant to guide people make better usage of electronic digital information”. Pivot is usually an information exploration system that “permits people to visualize information then can be sorted, manipulated, examined visually and filtered”, which brings about correlations and also movements that grow to be immediately clear in a very aesthetically interactive format.