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online pokiesThere are only a few real casinos in Australia like Jackpot City or Spin Palace,so unless you are lucky enough to live close by to one playing online is far easier to do. Instead of driving hundreds of miles for a game you can play online pokies from the comfort of your own home or perhaps at work.
All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and the internet to play pokies. You can play pokies online free no download to play at home at anytime day or night. Smartphones now mean that you can pokies on the go, perhaps on your dinner break at work.
People that only want to play for fun can select the free versions of games. If you want to eventually play for money yet lack experience or confidence then play the free versions first. You should have no problem in telling whether you are going on to a website where you can play for free with no prizes, or the ones where you have to pay but can win real cash prizes.
There is a wide range of gaming sites available and it pays to research into them. Some sites have scammed players out of either their stake money or winnings and possibly both. If you only play for fun then stick with the free sites. If you really want to play for cash prizes then be careful with your money. Go online and enjoy pokies straightaway, and let the fun begin.
Hi, welcome to my website. I have spent the last weekend in Perth, Australia, which is a very beautiful city. I’ve been surfing there a lot, and at night’s meeting at the pub with my “mates”, this is how aussies call each other (or “bro”). So the story is, pokies are crazy popular in Aussie. No not those pokies you are thinking about you perverts. Pokies is what my aussie mates call the slots. One of my favourite slots are Thunderstruck 2, Tomb Raider 2, Hitman and Twisted Circus. Twisted Circus is actually pretty cool, with very cool graphics and all. Anyways, as I was running around the last night trying to make it to the pub on time, my mate told me that he couldnt make it. I felt bad because I really wanted to meet and have fun playing. So he messaged me the address of a website (http://playonlinepokies.com.au) I can use to play online. The thing is, playing online is much better than playing at the pub or casinos. So with this in mind, and straight from my mobile, I signed up at a couple of online casinos, got some sweet bonuses, and played with free money. Very cool. Anyways, with this out of the way, let’s get down to business and keep talking about cool stuff instead of Microsoft.

This website used to be about technology related stuff, but since has transformed to become a blog about entertainment and online games. I will use this opportunity to clarify something that has always been a bit confusing for me. Do you remember that movie about Matt Damon playing poker? If you haven’t watched it I really recommend it. What struck me is that at one point he tells his GF something like “actually, playing poker is not gambling, if it was, how can you explain that there are some players that consistently come on top?” That left me thinking.

online pokiesThere are many websites out there that offer “strategies” to win at the casinos. What are these strategies based on? Are they real or are they hype? We all know that “the house always win” right? So what could these strategies possibly offer that we could rely on to wager at a casino an come on top?

I was actually impressed when my high school maths teacher told me about the “baccarat” roulette system. This is one example of a gambling strategy that should, in theory, assure you that you will either win or come even. It goes like this:

Choose red or black, and stick to it doubling the wagered amount if you lose. So you bet 5, if you lose you bet 10. If you win you recover your original bet. If you lose you go for 15, if you lose again your next bet will be 30, and if you lose again the next bet will be 60. And so on. It is (apparently) statistically impossible for either red or black to NEVER show up, so you are safe as long as your bankroll can afford you this strategy. I’m not sure how many times you can keep increasing this bet and if you do, whether the casino guys will like you a lot or not. Don’t try this at home kids.

Then comes technology and the online gambling softwares such as microgaming. I think they are pretty clever and they would have figured this type of stuff out and they wouldn’t leave a door like this open to such types of exploits. Whatever you try, and whatever you are trying to do, if it involves gambling please don’t fool yourself and expect things to go your way. Treat it as an entertainment.

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