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November 23, 2006

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CIKM, the Internet Singularity, and Offending Academic Publishing

On November 8th, I gave a variation of my singularity talk as a keynote at CIKM. A couple of people have noted on the Internets that I had some strong opinions about academic publishing during the Q&A. So, to be really clear: I did use the word “parasites” and I really meant it.

Most of the hard work in academic publishing is performed for free by academics (writing, reviewing, maintaining editorial standards, etc.) The academic publishing houses charge enormous fees to institutions for hard and soft copy of these publications. And the academics are somewhat forced into this situation because third parties (the publishers) own the “brand” of the journals that one needs to interface with in order to get tenure.

It should now be clear why I’ll never be wildly successful in a purely academic setting.