While I am still in the process of organizing my digital photos (voice over: Aaargh! There has to be a better way! - said in the style of Mad TV's fake Spishack commercials), the following is a quick and dirty attempt at putting up something remotely interesting.

All of the photo galleries, without the commentary, can be found here.

How I Busted My Ass

In the following pair of photos, I am the subject instead of the photographer. Actually, the whole thing is fairly embarrassing, but I consider the public retelling of this story to be my partial penance for being such an idiot.

South Africa

All photographs were taken sometime between September 16, 1999 and September 21, 1999 at or near the Manyeleti Game Reserve in South Africa.

Aggie & Lily

Aggie & Lily are our two mixed breed rescue dogs that have been part of our family for around five (+) years. We adopted Aggie in 2000 and Lily a year later.

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