Odd Essays

Live Labs Manifesto

On Januray 25, 2006, Microsoft launched Live Labs, which I founded and now direct. On the day of launch, we published the following manifesto on to the web.

Aesthetics and Mathematics

This essay was to appear in the journal Daedalus as a solicited contribution for a special issue on the the subject of beauty. The journal's editor and I didn't agree on some fundemental points, so I pulled out of the special issue.

Brain Candy Columns

These essays were written as part of my Brain Candy science column for fatbrain.com (acquired by BarnesAndNoble.com) and appear here with permission and copyright by B&A. Only the first two columns are here. I will convert/format the last five over the next couple of months.

Rush Hour

My first brain candy column was originally entitled Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Computational Complexity, I Learned From a Children's Game. This column gave a rough sketch for how a children's game named Rush Hour could be used to build a very special type of computing device.

Biochemical LEGO Blocks

This column provides a whirlwind tour through the process of genetic decoding, highlights some strange facts about biochemistry, and ends with one of the best kept secrets of 1995: an adult human was cloned (sort of).

Recent Academic Publications

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B. Mangold, M. Dooley, R. Dornfest, G. W. Flake, H. Hoffman, T. Kasturi, and D. M. Pennock. The Tech Buzz Game. IEEE Computer, 38(7): 94-97, July 2005.

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O. Madani, D. M. Pennock, and G. W. Flake. Co-Validation: Using Model Disagreement to Validate Classification Algorithms. In Lawerence K. Saul and Yair Weiss, and Leon Bottou, editors, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, volume 17. The MIT Press, 2005. (Also, Yahoo! Research Labs Technical Report YRL-2004-034.)

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G. W. Flake, R. E. Tarjan, and K. Tsioutsiouliklis. Graph Clustering and Minimum Cut Trees. Internet Mathematics, 1(3), 355-378, 2004.

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G. W. Flake, K. Tsioutsiouliklis, and L. Zhukov. Methods for Mining Web Communities: Bibliometric, Spectral, and Flow. In A. Poulovassilis And M. Levene, editors, Web Dynamics: Adapting To Change In Content, Size, Topology And Use, Springer-Verlag, 2004.

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G. W. Flake, D. M. Pennock, and D. C. Fain. The Self-Organized Web: The Yin to the Semantic Web's Yang. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 18(4), 2003.

Selected Presentations

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Imminent Internet Singularity - frequent invited lecture.

[ powerpoint | pdf ]

Self-Organization and the Internet - Invited lecture, Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School, June 9th, 2005.

[ powerpoint | pdf ]

From the Labs: Yahoo! Research Labs - Invited presentation, O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, March 15th, 2005.

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The Baby Singularity, Or: Why right now may be the best possible time to be a hacker - Invited presentation, TopCoder Programming tournament, November 11, 2004.

[ powerpoint | pdf ]

Trends and Predictions for Internet Computing, Chapter II - Keynote address, Technology Viewpoints Conference, May 26, 2004.

[ powerpoint | pdf ]

Web Mining for Hyperlinked Communities - Invited Tutorial, Mining Massive Data Sets and Streams: Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Homeland Defense, DIMACS and IDA, July 18, 2002.

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