138.com Casino Bonus Codes – are they worth it?

People who are looking for a new casino might not even realize that 138.com is the place to go! Not only do they have an extensive history of success in this industry, but there aren’t any active bonus codes you can try out on your next visit!

Since launching back in 2006, 138 has grown into not just one of the best casinos available worldwide today but also launched its very own sportsbook (which allows betting from anywhere) while partnering up with some major game designers like Amaya Gaming and Playtech. They have licensed themselves through both Isle Of Man And United Kingdom authorities- The joy of gambling never leaves you at any time or place. With the new mobile casino, there is no need to download it first and find a computer that supports this particular program – all your needs are met by having an iPhone in hand!

Nowadays, you can enjoy a little bit of the old fashioned Vegas in your own home. With just one tap on an app or website that offers gambling games such as roulette and blackjack with no download required, you’ll be at the table before know it!

138.com Casino Casino VIP

138.com Casino offers a variety of rewards for players based on how often they play there and the type of player they are, from casual to high-roller elite level. These frequent visitors can enjoy special seasonal promotions especially around holidays like Christmas! In addition to these lucrative benefits, 138 also has an exclusive VIP program that provides selective members with access only available through invitation or by earning it themselves in games such as Pai Gow Poker and Baccarat

138.com is one of Asia’s largest online casino operators with over 200 games in their library that you could always find something new and exciting while playing, but did you know they also offer bonuses depending on your status? For example: Elite members who go above $18K worth will get an extra 3% bonus applied to everything! And if time played per week doesn’t matter for casual or hardcore sessions alike—they’ll still earn more points no matter what level player they are, so there’s never a reason not to give them a try today!

Bonuses Promotions

The casino has a 138% bonus for Macau and live dealer games, up to £988, as well as 100% bonuses on vegas-style games. If you’re feeling especially lucky or enjoy betting with your friends then they offer 50£ free bets just for new players!


With so many different banking choices available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example Visa is a great option if you are in North America and Skrill works well for people who reside outside of Europe. E-wallets such as Neteller or Ukash may be required depending on where exactly you live; research to determine which e-wallet will work most efficiently for your location before proceeding with any cashouts!

It would be best to chat or email the live support before doing anything else for more information. The MGS betting option was created in 2005 by two online poker players who wanted an easier way than using complicated codes when playing at different sites around the world They came up with one single account that allowed them not only access other poker rooms but also bet on sporting events like soccer games. Since then they have become recognized all over Europe because people can deposit money into their account which gives them more chances when it comes down to winning some serious cash!


138.com Casino has a wide selection of casino games that are powered by two top software providers: Amaya Gaming and Playtech, with more available when you include their live dealer offerings! One other big perk is how convenient it is to play – as the website supports desktop computers, laptops, tablets or even mobile phones for your convenience while on-the-go too.

You’ll find 138’s most popular game categories such as Slot Machines (including 3D slots), Roulette & Table Games like Blackjack and Baccarat; furthermore there are some great specialty games if those don’t suit your fancy including Keno Poker Progressive Slots Scratch Cards etcetera). The site also boasts an impeccable customer service team so don’t hesitate

Loyalty Rewards VIP

The joy of gambling is multiplied by the rewards you get as a player at 138.com Casino! The more time and effort you put into playing, the better your chances are to win incredible prizes such as exclusive bonuses and special promotions that can only be found in this casino! You will never want to go anywhere else for all your online gaming needs when 138 offers their seasonal promos especially on holidays like Christmas or birthdays with guaranteed jackpots up for grabs.

You have got nothing but waiting so what’s taking so long?

Customer Service

We have the customer service team working around-the-clock to ensure you can reach them at any time of day. Email, phone calls and live chat are all available for your convenience 24/7.

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138.com Casino has high quality graphics and soundtracks that are always improving so your gaming experience never gets tedious or boring! But unfortunately, the casino is only available in certain countries – which may be why they offer an expansive list with over 800 slots alone on top of table games and video poker machines too!

Did you know if you live in one of these countries, 138.com will give US$500 when opening an account? That’s not all they offer a welcome bonus for new members – check it out!

If your lucky enough to have the opportunity to reside in any of those great places where this online casino is willing and able to provide their services then congratulations because there are tons more bonuses waiting on top of that $500 just from signing up with them as well.

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