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Type “top 10 hottest female” into google’s search box and you’ll see that google suggests many ways you could complete this query.

This is because google picks up searches made by their users and when it identifies a popular search term, it suggests it to their users before they finish typing.

This means that there is a great interest to see what are the top performing females in any discipline. And poker is not known to be an exception to the rule.

Do without much further ado, who are the top poker babes? Are they actually hot or they are just kind-of-hot-not-too-bad-looking and they just happen to be super poker stars but they would never make it to the fashion runway, or the UFC octagon announcing rounds?

Well, let’s see. In my opinion the hottest poker girl is Beth Shak but not only because she is hot, also because she is quite an interesting personality. She is into fashion, and many other things, you can find out more about her online.

Second in my ranking comes Szilvia Freire, this beauty was actually Miss Hungary in 2008, so it’s not like being hot is unkown to her. Kimberly Lansing is another one that makes it high in my list.

But what makes these poker babes special? There are tons of good looking women that play poker for fun or for money, but only a few make it to the list. I think it is because the combination of achieving mastery at something (poker in this case) AND being a hot babe that could have dedicated to just being pretty, is what makes many people wonder about their personalities.

Seriously, is Anna Kournikova so much better than all other female tennis players in the 90s? Is Maria Sharapova so much better than all other tennis players now? Obvioulsy the answer is no. But they are world class. They are elite. And they are hot as hell, and most people have this idea that hot people, especially hot women, dont need to work for anything of they are so pretty, because they can just make money being a model or a silly actress with no skill, or a trophy wife for some rich guy. But these girls put some effort into something, became great at it, and achieved a level of recognition that is unknown for the common people. And on the back of all this, they look like supermodels, which might have even played against them in many occasions.

Next time you are playing poker against a chick, and she is hot, be careful, she might be setting you up and making you pay for judging her by her looks! Better yet, play online so you dont have this to worry about!