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On this post I want to talk about some online pokies that I like. Im not sure what makes a good pokie game but I would think that in most cases it has something to do with the theme they represent. There is a reason why game creators pay a lot of money to the trademark owners of successful movies, to make a game about them.

For example, some of the most popular games are Tomb Raider, Lord of the Rings, etc. I wish someone would make a game about Rocky! Since it was my favourite movie of all times.

On this occasion I want to say some words about a pokie that Ive been enjoying lately. I am talking about Scarface. How cool is that scene when Al Pacino, high on coke and drunk, gets up from his table at the restaurant and after scolding his wife, he proceeds to rant about how everyone needs him, how everyone needs him to be the bad guy, so they have someone to point their finger at, and say “THAT is the bad guy”.

I remember this unforgettable monologue is referenced in one of SouthPark episodes (by none else than Cartman of course). Anyways, someone decided it was a good idea to make a pokie about Scarface. So me, being a Scarface fan, went on and played with it. The results were… obviously some money spent and lost, but a TON of fun was had.

It’s a 5 reel pokie, with 20 paylines, and 10 levels of bets. I could go on and on telling you everything about the bonus games, the wild symbols, the autoplay options, the stacked symbols, and many other details. But as I said, these are not what makes this slot a great one. It’s the fact that it’s themed around scarface that we find fascinating and the reason I like to keep playing it. You get coins as you kill enemies but mostly the objective of the game is to kill Sosa’s men. You know what Im talking about, you remember that scene with Tony alone in his mansion giving it all hes got against the hit squad that was sent because he frustrated a hit against someone in order to save his kids from dying.

Anyways, Scarface slots is pretty cool and you should play it too. It’s a lot of fun.