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I will discuss the possible drawbacks so you can make an informed decision if you choose to take this route. Property “guru” teach their pupils to find these ‘tired landlords’ and offer them a deal that they cannot refuse. My Deposits, a Tenancy Deposit Scheme, will protect your money and offer assistance if there is a dispute over the deposit at the end. We need to verify that a tenant is who they claim to be as part of the referencing process.

Why do estate agents need bank statements for renting?

Ask for three to six months of rent upfront. This acts as a guarantor and lowers the chance that the landlord will not get their money.

Andrew says that if they are afraid you will raise the rent when they call, they will be less inclined to do so. “For example, if an owner is truly happy with their tenants and the way they treat the property as their own home, we’ll pass it on,” said Quinovic manager. I’ve had a lot of tenants in properties who were non-standard tenants, who had various issues, but you’d be surprised at who works out,” he says.

Finding A Good Landlord

Try to get a well rounded picture of their prior addresses and employment. If they hop around houses a lot, they may not be your best bet for a consistent, settled tenant. They may not have enough income if they change jobs frequently to pay rent. Ask for a meeting with their employer to assess the likelihood of them leaving. We are the only property management agency in New Zealand that utilises centralised maintenance to facilitate and manage maintenance.

All possible tenancy applications that you are interested in will be referred to your attention for attract one type of tenants, while others attract different tenants. Crockers can help you determine the type of tenants that would be most at home in your area. More than 65 percent of our tenants come to us via our website, while 86 percent of visitors visit the website.

We will also need references from you. A reference could be from a previous landlord, employer, or property manager. You can obtain Tenancy Application Forms from your local Property Manager. Contact a Property Brokers branch near to you to obtain a Tenancy Application Form. Our business is focused on taking the worry and time out of property management. We have over 45 years of industry experience and a dedicated Auckland team that can help you maximize the value and return on your investment property. With our local expertise and ownership, paired with investment from the global Ray White brand, we can offer customers a one-on-one dedicated service without the price tag.

We are mostly joking about this. It will make your life easier and reduce the time between tenants. This will result in more money in your pocket. While you’re unlikely to find the perfect tenant, there are a few basic expectations that they should be meeting. As is not using your nest egg as a den of iniquity, or running some sort of informal hostel by having ten flatmates instead of the agreed four. Armed with the above information we can then discuss the prospective tenant with the owner of the property, either by phone or via email, and the decision to go ahead is made together.

Casual Letting Agent

Martin has over 14 years of industry experience and multiple awards to help you make the process smooth. The last aspect to be discussed is their responsibilities as tenants. Make sure that you go over expectations around who is responsible for things like gardening or mowing the lawns. Also, talk about rent and how it will be paid, and any other information they would need to know in order to be tenants in your house. The entire process can take several weeks depending upon the circumstances of each listing. We ask for patience during this time.

Many viewings are held after-hours, at no extra cost to clients, so that those that work normal hours are able to view easily. We help clients move in and set up automatic rent and power payments. This ensures that the rent is paid. You can’t design or operate a system intended to uphold the rights of renters if we’re not included in it’s design and implementation. Just like in any industry, there are those that give it a bad name.